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Transport & Logistics

Visual management and lean in transport and logistics

The economic conditions are forcing companies in the transport and logistics sector more than ever to hedge risks and increase returns. To this end, internal and external processes should be structured. Lean and visual management can contribute to this.

Lean in transport and logistics

In the transport and logistics sector, the lean principles are already established in a number of areas. In Lean Logistics, it is important that as many unnecessary inventories as possible are eliminated, and that processes will only be started if really necessary, for instance when an end-user has requested a particular product (the pull principle). Thanks to the "Lean" concept many warehouse inventories are significantly reduced. But there is a downside, because stocks also form a necessary buffer to facilitate business processes smoothly. If inventories are excessively low, ordering costs and handling costs will be higher, after all.

Team Working in transport and logistics

Large groups of people often work in warehouses, each with its own schedule of activities of the day. To streamline operations, the teams will meet regularly to discuss progress. We developed a team board for a logistics company in the south of the Netherlands (image), which hangs in the warehouse. Based on this board, the team discusses the weekly routine. The board shows information, including schedules shown in magnetic windows (image). The information is easy to change.

Visual tools in transport and logistics

Visualisation materials are also used in the transport and logistics sector. We have supplied visualisation materials for several logistics companies. Adhesive footsteps are used by a company in the south of the Netherlands to visualise walkways with the aim of making the business safer. Magnetic leaflet holders are implemented by a logistics company in the Netherlands to visualise the planning and dispatching process. Many other applications are also conceivable in the transport and logistics sector.


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