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Customer reviews

Customer reviews TnP Visual Workplace

We supply to various customers in various industries. From Multinationals, SMEs to individuals.

Freudenberg Medical MIS (USA) | Interactive information board for projectteam

“Here is the first of our projects: an interactive and information board for our Lean Manufacturing Team. We are trying to get away from the nasty corkboards. Your products are neater, cleaner and less time consuming then the products that we have used before.”

With the visualisation materials of TnP Visual Workplace, Freudenberg Medical made their information whiteboard more interactive and attractive. On this board they have visualised their 5S updates, growth calendar and other inspirational information for the LEAN Managers of the company.

Mr. Brian Woods (Growth Technician at Freudenberg Medical MIS, USA)

Information board Freudenberg Medical MIS

Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SIB) | Improvement board

"The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SIB) has bought several boards from TnP Visual Workplace, including an improvement board. The SIB aims to not only implement top-down improvements, but also to focus on involving the employees in this process. After all, the best ideas often come from the work floor. The board is for and created by the employees and has since been operating successfully for one year now. By using this improvement board, the staff managed to improve more than 70 large and small processes. The improvements have gained a lot of time and eliminated annoyances. Because of the simplicity, but at the same time completeness, the board is a successful tool to keep staff enthusiastic to bring about new improvements.

The improvement board has been developed in close consultation with TnP. In the development phase, they listened to our wishes carefully, the communication went very smoothly and the sample board has been adjusted several times until it truly was to our liking. The board was delivered at our office in no time and the quality of all materials was excellent. To cut a long story short; the service, the speed, the quality, the price and the fun of it in the office has led us to buy various products of TnP."

Mrs. Stevens, Consultant in Business Information & Processes, Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SIB)

SIB Improvement board

Municipality of Tynaarlo | Improvement boards

"Within the municipality of Tynaarlo, we have been using the improvement board for half a year now. On the improvement board, the team visualises the bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Problems are resolved jointly and everyone takes their responsibilities. Identifying problems is important and because everyone knows what is going on everyone can contribute towards a solution. We improve together.

Our experiences with the board are positive, especially because of the openness and transparency that the board provides. We also have a thermometer, with happy and sad smileys and an arrow placed on a colour bar that runs from red to green. This is where an individual or team can express his or her state of mind. Everything is fully discussed within the team, projects and assignments are divided amongst the team in consultation (open to anyone)."

Lean Coach, Municipality of Tynaarlo

Improvement board of municipality of Tynaarlo