Other industries
Other industries

Visual management in other sectors

Visual management is a method in which a graphical representation of process and team performance is discussed together periodically with the aim of improving performance continuously. The applications in the sectors vary, but the basic principle of visual management is applicable everywhere. There are many examples of visual management that we encounter in everyday life.

Football club matchboard

We developed a professional game board for a football club (also called coach board or match board). This board is used for a match meeting, prior to a football game. Using magnets including shirt numbers (sticker), the trainer indicates how he envisages the competition setup.

A clear, professional and practical board that you can enjoy as a sports club. Obviously, it is possible to design such a board for any sport. 

Employee of the month board

Do you want to put your employees in the spotlight? Use an employee of the month board and find out what the benefits are. In this way you encourage and motivate your employees to get the best out of themselves. Clear and designed in your own corporate identity.